About BX


BurritoX.com strives to provide our customers with modern, authentic Mexican cuisine at the highest convenience. Simply put, we can offer a full menu, in-restaurant experience or a piping hot, fresh burrito delivered fast.
– Alejandro Castro


The Castro family opened El Patio Mexican Restaurant on Nov. 10, 1999. By 2008, the popular Water Street spot had expanded with a modern tequila bar and a quick burrito service that brought the Mexican classic back to its roots: Delivery.

The burrito first became popular in 1910 when Ciudad Juarez – also known as Chihuaha – would wrap his food in big, warm flour tortillas to keep it fresh as he went out for a day’s work. It quickly caught on and Chihuaha began delivering his now famous food by riding his donkey – or burro- from work site to work site on the Texas border.

BurritoX.com carries on that tradition, offering hot and fresh delivery, a lot faster than Chihuaha’s donkey made the trip.


BurritoX.com is a product of the American Dream. For years in Mexico, a young Aurelio Castro had heard of the United States – or, El Norte – as a place with an abundance of food and work. In 1951, Aurelia made the leap to California, harvesting tomatoes. His son, Alejandro, was born there in California and began working at restaurants at the age of nine, learning every aspect of the trade.

By 1998, Alejandro and his wife Lizzie – also the child of Mexican immigrants – moved to Wisconsin and started their first restaurant, and then started El Patio in Eau Claire in 2000. Now with children of their own – Alejandro, Anahi, Isabela, and Isaac – the Castro family is proud to live in Eau Claire and carry on their traditions with Burrito Xpress.